Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Sometimes (Just Sometimes)

Heeeyyy friends, how have you guys been? Nggak terasa udah 3 x gajian nih di kantor baru dan Alhamdulillah nggak pernah telat! Hehehehe

Gw sekarang gawe di perusahaan Securities House (sekuritas) based in Malaysia,a join venture with an Indonesian entity. The total employees in Jakarta is about 150 staff..wooo bandingkan waktu dulu gw kerja dengan suasana 4L (Lu Lagi Lu Lagi) *ooeekkss*

I’m the admin support & coordinator in the research division, my main responsibilities are sending research reports to clients, replying to their queries on the reports, arranging company visit and plant visit. I don’t do rubbish works that I’m not paid for hahaha...

So far I get along well with everybody in the new work place. My bosses are nice and so are my colleagues. Every month we had a gathering between the Institutional Sales and Research Dept, either eating out or karaoke night. It’s fun!

But sometimes (just sometimes) I do missed the fine chocolates and good wines that my ex-boss used to share. Usually around this time of year he would return from his summer holiday in France and brought me a box of chocolates in a fancy box *oo la la* ^ _ ^ He would bought small souvenirs too adding to my souvenir collections.

Raju (my ex-colleague) saw my status update on FB and asked “Are you signalling something?” hahaha...No laaaa. I just missed the chocolates and wines. Nothing else. No regrets in everything that’s going on in my life. Its  a story line that will keep on growing until the end.

Anyway so sorry I’ve not been updating this page. Karena pada dasarnya inti gw nulis di sini adalah untuk curhat. Berhubung udah nggak ada hal yang mengerikan lagi untuk diceritakan..mungkin gw akan ganti content nya dengan cerita horror aja kali yah? Hihihi***

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