Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011


Saturday, 13 August. The Wizard Corruption Watch has successfully returned the lost boy, Nyazarudin, back to Awkwarts. They wanted to ensure his safetiness by chartering a private PortKey (PK 123456). Muggles & wizards are buzzing at the airport waiting for Nyazarudin arrival which is said to be guarded by a couple of Dementors wearing black masks.

"What's going to be Nyazarudin fate?" ask a reporter
"His life is in danger but they are not gonna do it in public" said a spectator
"What will happen do you think?" ask the reporter again
"They would probably sell to us the story that Nyazarudin tried to escape Azkaban and they have no choice but to stop him with the Avadakadavra spell" another said
"Oh dear that's horrible!" exclaimed the reporter. "But wonder where is his wife now? Didn't see her around"
"She maybe wearing the invisible cloak, keeping the last hocrux away from the Ministry of (Unlawful) Magic. The key is in the hocrux unless they can extract Nyazarudin's memory into the pensieve"
"Can't they use a veritaserum?"
"The serum are out of stock a long time ago. Besides it never worked to extract the truth from all previous corruptors!" (shrug)

Up to this minute speculations are still hanging across the country. How will this story end? Stay tune in the next report***

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