Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

The Case of The Whistle Blower

Nyazaruddin, the young politician wizard, is still making headlines in the news all over the country. Climbing steadily in the Most Wanted chart, he is now the numero uno of the week. (applause!)

Despite his good looking and calm demeanor, we have yet to discover his darker side of personality. Rumours whirls around the block that he was planning to crushed (literally) Sir Hamsley, one of the Chairman in the Wizard Corruption Watch (“WCW”). The plan was spilled in one of the Ethical Committee of Wizardry (“ECW”) hearings, based on a conversation recorded between Nyazaruddin and his muggle worker, Abe.

“Get someone to beat the hell out of that b*stard Hamsley!” (hissing sound) “Make him feel sorry that he was ever born!”(hissing again) “It will teach him a lesson not to messed up with me.”
“But sir..this is mad” Abe timidly answered
“I’m willing to pay billions of galeon! How mad is that?” Hahaha....(evil laughter)

But of course, this rumour has yet to be confirmed by the Aurors. (So don’t get too excited readers).

Prior to his capture in Colombia, he was in contact with one of the muggle television station using telephonic video. During the connection, he’s threatening everyone in his political party that he will blow-the-whistle as a payback. “I have all the evidence here in this hocrux.”

Hmmm it seems that almost everybody in his party are dirrrtyyy. This makes us wonder if the picture includes their leader, “He-Who-Knows-So-Well”.

And now that Nyazarudin is back in  the country, his only life warranty may only be the hocrux. But where is the hocrux now? Another mystery for the Aurors to dig. Stay tune***

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  1. I will stay tune.... It'ssss soooo bikin penasaran...

    I will not watching television.. cuz it's so confusing, But I will read your Fun up dates...

  2. Nyazarudin!!!!Nyahahahah...Suck In!!Just let see where is this drama would end?? Because there's never gonna end!!...ur darling Aunty really hates this greedy case....

  3. Ulan rouge: hehehe..thanks dear
    Auntie Evi: well the people are used to the crappy sinetron series so the more twisted the story is the more applause it will get :)