Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Just Another Stupid Story

It seems that the recent update on Nyazarudin’s high profile case will end up anti-climax. I’m sure some of the readers has predicted this will happen but of course not ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Yep..be prepared for a super huge dissapointment.

The Committee of Wizard Corruption Watch (“WCW”) is caught by surprised by Nyazarudin’s sudden change in attitude. He requested to be punished immediately without further investigation. Nyazarudin also pleaded to the committee to protect his wife and children from harm. He has appointed his lawyer, Oswald, shall be their safe-keeper.

“This new development has caught us off guard,” said the Head of Investigator.”This U-turn is a surprised to all of us here. We’re also not sure why.”

Look dude, who are you trying to kid? It’s obvious that Nyazarudin does not trust justice in this country. His life is endangered and so does his family. OR maybe they did the Obliviate spell towards him which makes him “forget”.

Alas, the summary of this whole news are:

1.       We have no choice but to trust the stupid authorities
2.       They have caught a stupid criminal
3.       This is going to be another stupid story

Case closed?***

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