Senin, 28 Maret 2011


Wah..nggak nyangka impact surat resignation gw bisa demikian ngerepotin semua orang huehehehe. Gimana nggak? Setelah Papih nelpon..giliran Pak Boss Ketjil yang nelpon..terus Pak Manajer juga ikut-ikutan nyumbang ide walopun semuanya terkesan lame dan basi. Sorry guys..I'm not going to buy that anymore.

Mungkin karena frustrasi kali yah bicara ditelpon nggak mempan, Papih pun mengirimkan email panjang  lebar bagaikan surat penetapan Presiden:

"I want to be very open about your situation because I want to find solutions to the issues you raised, and to structure a work scope that accommodates a career path that suits you.  I had a chat with the guys, and we universally believe it will be a terrible shame if you leave, and think you should reconsider and stay with us.

We will work to address the Push Factors, it seems that we can come up with some quick solutions on most of the issues, and those that might be more complicated we will work to address.  I will work with FM when she gets back (she is out this week) to streamline the bureaucracy and payment system, and to clarify all issues pertaining to Bonus, etc.

Regarding your set of responsibilities, please let me know if there is anything that you would really like to change, to add or subtract, or whether you would like to consider working more on the advisory business, for example.  We are open to all possibilities.  I commit to you to make every effort to find interesting, challenging and rewarding work for you.

Please also keep in mind the strong relationships you have developed over the years at this Company, and credibility you have, and the support you have been given and can expect to receive in the future.  The grass always looks greener on the other side, and sometimes we may forget how nice it is where we are.

Feel free to reach out if there are any other issues that we have not covered, and I will do my best to address them; for example I would be happy to discuss a salary adjustment.

I hope you will reconsider and decide to stay with us, we are a great team and it would be very sad to have that break up."

Halaaah Papih..kemana aja kemaren-kemaren? Gw udah berbusa ngomong dari sejak blog ini exist tentang masalah-masalah yang ada di kantor. But you wouldn't listen and you don't give a damn. And now that I am leaving you suddenly wanted to make commitments? Its too late..

Now my only concern is how to get out from this Company smoothly. This is what I'm writing to him:

"Thank you very much for your kind expression of appreciation and support to me.

I reminded you about the push factors in the same spirit of openness in which you have kindly written to me. There is nothing new in them and they have been there for quite sometimes since January 2010. When you say that you will take appropriate action on them, I totally believe you. But for me it is now too late to turn back on the course that I have chosen with due consideration and great sadness.

I would like to forever be a friend of this company and yours. Therefore it is up to you to reward my 14 years of service, for which you have so kindly expressed such high regards, by making my exit smooth-both emotionally and logistically-or not.

I shall be grateful for your kind acceptance of my resignation dated 25 March and for graciously allowing me to bid fond farewell to the Company on 25 April."

I Love You..Goodbyeee!!!! Hohoho***

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  1. Jadi inget lagu ini:

    "It's too late baby now it's too late, though we really did try to make it...something inside has died and I just can't fake it Ooh...'s too late..."


  2. gOOD lUCK! U will surely be happy if not happier. JAM SUAREZ