Selasa, 29 Maret 2011


I think my boss has gone insane. Last night he sms-ed a super long message. (Which I didn't reply of course) I just switched my BB to silent mode. Apparently, he had a sleepless night because I didn't say anything back. (Oops sorry)

And this morning he sent me another email still repeating the same song but with extra salt: a 50% salary raise! Now isn't that wicked? hahaha...

Almost noon, Jarjit called me and surprisingly he was asked by  BOSS  to talked me into canceling my resignation. Please deh BOSS..Jarjit is no match for me. I can easily outspoken him with my admirable communication skill. Hohoho...(Padang gitu loh)

Out of desperation Jarjit simply asked: What can we do to make you happy? Is there a way that we can seduced you into leaving us?

I say: NO. Full stop. Tell boss please stop harassing me...

I'm sorry guys..I am not trying to play hard to get with you. But really...I already did gave the signs during every quarterly and annual reviews. Those problems has been discussed before. This is just crap talk about making changes for the better. Why now? Is it because I am resigning?

I've known BOSS for fourteen years remember? Yes in a way he is a nice person and I owe my success to him. But I did repay back with my dedication and excellent service.

So please don't stop me from graduating Summa Cum Laude from this University of Melancholy hahaha***

8 komentar:

  1. Bwahahahahah University of Melancholy hahahha***

    Cheers for your upcoming graduation :D

    May you found success in the next endeavor, minus the melancholy of course :)

  2. NO Comment, just Comment Padang Gitchu lho..wkwkwkwk...dasarrrrrrr.....

  3. nah gitu donk perempuan sejati :)

  4. bilang ke jarjit EGP..... JAM SUAREZ

  5. Don't give up uni... Fight for what you believe in...

  6. Iyaa makasih ya..ada yang berminat jadi pengganti gw nggak? :D

  7. OOnndee..mandee...dasar aquarius kalo dah ngamuk..langsung tsunami nya keluardeh...with no!!
    But honestly..tante agak ada rasa kasian juga sih with ur big owe him alot vi..all this time he's always been nice to must go on...sorry big boss...huhuhu...feel sorry for him...

  8. @Tante: hahaha kena tonjokan maut Aquarius (baaakkk buuukkk gubraakkk)