Jumat, 12 November 2010


One of my duty is to make sure that everybody in the Jakarta office is less stressful. (Like how do I do that?!) Despite the facts that there are BIGGER problems to handle (e.g late payments, lousy health insurance, shitty bureaucracy) I guess I have to do MAGIC. I never thought that this particular duty is official until last month during my quarterly review (story dated 15 October).

Big Boss:  You are suppose to organize a quarterly outing. Jakarta office is far behind. In head office we did bowling (boring!) and MBTI course (super boring!). Whilst Jakarta office hadn't had any outings yet.Why is that?
Me: Because we are quite busy these couple of months with new projects and most of the times Mini is not around. So I am also busy covering up her work.
Big Boss: That's not a good answer. You are the expert of organizing corporate events. You have to try harder. I know you can do better than this.
Me: (Sigh) Ok. I'll try to arrange something next month
Big Boss: Don't just try but also do it!
Me: (Aaaarggghhhh) Ok

Finally, we did the outing yesterday. It has been a busy and eventful months on the business side but as the famous quote says “All Work No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy” we decided to have a time out at Q-Billiard, Senayan City, Jakarta. 

Big Boss is not in Jakarta but we had Little Boss to join. Let's rack the ball and hit it guys!

The team only consist of four person (very very small group). We played three set of games on table six. Each time we juggled the team member so everyone could experience the game with different partner.

We had a fun match and surprisingly everybody was having a good time. I guess the tense melted washed away by cold beer. Dinner was especially delicious at the Angus Steak House (level 4, Senayan City).

My mission is accomplished! (wink wink)

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