Rabu, 15 Desember 2010


Dear friends, 

I've just finished renovating my blog. No special occasion, its just that I'm an edgy kind of person. I easily get bored with the same thing over a short period of time (excluding my marriage of course hahaha!).

Sometimes small changes does matter, for example this morning, I had Kopiko Brown Coffee for a change over Kapal Api Special Mix. It kinda help to ease the start of my day. Speaking of spirit lifter you should try the Famous Amous Chocolate Chip cookies. My all time favorite sinful food. Which I simply finished it in a day to wash my sorrow away.

Now back to the topic. What do you guys think about the new look? Pretty isn't it? I want to give a roomy feeling. As if we're talking in my bedroom, cool aircon and a cup of hot mocha in our hands. (try imagining). This is my sanctuary. A hideout from all my worries.

You are welcomed because you are my friend and I hope you are enjoying your time here at my place.

With warm regards 

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